About Us

The Right Ingredients
for the Perfect Chicken.

We pride ourselves in making the best, most unique Peruvian chicken that you can find in Ashburn, VA.

Our Chef

Chef Jorge

Chef Jorge began his career in 1985 working for one of Peru’s most prestigious restaurant called Bavaria which is located in Miraflores, Peru. Adding to his experience, Jorge also worked at various other restaurants such as Circulo Deportivo Italiano, Country Club La Planicie which he was head chef for over 11 years. Upon arrival to the United States, he continued his career by working for the Peruvian Embassy as the head chef. Needless to say, District Pollo is very fortunate to have him as part of the team. Not only is he the head chef for District Pollo, he is also a partner!

Who We Are

Our Dream

At District Pollo, we have one singular vision - to bring the best dining experience possible to the Ashburn, VA region. That starts with our food. We believe in using farm fresh ingredients sourced locally. This means that every single recipe is made using the best ingredients and that it delivers the best flavors possible. And since we only use traditional, authentic recipes for all of our sauces and make them in-house, you get the most authentic flavors possible with every order. We take pride in giving our customers an incredible experience, every time.

Core Values

Our business was built on a foundation of honesty, integrity, and community pride. We don't make promises that we can't keep, and in our restaurant, we bring those values to every order we fulfill. We believe in keeping things as simple as possible while delivering amazing flavors, and in providing our clients with an amazing experience that they can count on to be the absolute best dining experience in Ashburn, VA. From the flavors to the service, we value giving our customers total satisfaction no matter what.

Our History

While District Pollo has only been in business for under a year, we've built a reputation as being one of the absolute best dining experiences in the Ashburn, VA region. That's because of our decades of experience crafting authentic Peruvian charcoal rotisserie chicken as well as other classic dishes. We bring our history of great cooking to every dish, and combine it with a passion for satisfying our customers. We take pride in offering great rotisseries chicken and Peruvian food, and for the last year we've been doing just that.